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have a better chance because i'm just like, obama come into the presidential race. he was really unknown and give people a chance. but it holds and got a lot. not on his mistakes but the mistakes ryan mcginniss grew. thanks so much. >> host: jen on the republican's line. >> caller: it's funny what the independent just said about brian being in government accounts at, that you know the vice president biden was in government since he was 29. we paid his bills. anyway, but i just want to kill you, i think it's neat right is doing this. these are the people that are going to be stuck with the debt, the debt we are putting out there. and for ben bernanke got to get in a political deal like this, 40 billion a month and the aegon is so crappy and jobs, hello, mr. president, what if you don't? talk about values. when paul ryan boasting about mitt romney needs to speak more about himself, mitt romney doesn't do that because he is humble. in his church, which is my church, it doesn't matter if you're a schoolteacher, bishop our mitt romney with his money, you're treated the same way and yo
. at 745, jeffrey on his book, the oath. it details the relationship between the obama administration and the supreme court. at nine eastern, the most recent "after words" interview, saucer eisenberg talks about the political campaign. his book is the victory lap. the secret science of winning campaigns. .. but, maybe i should start by orienting people to what the school book is. it's part of a series that oxford publishes called a very short introduction and they are short, they have about 300 titles, and they asked me to do a supreme court title. i guess about three years ago and the book cannot this spring. it came out on the eve of the health care decision. so, who knew three years ago that we would be faced with a supreme court dealing with the most closely watched and maybe one of the most contentious case in many many years, and i would be happy -- the book doesn't say anything about the health care case, so in the q&a, i would be happy to share some conversations about that with you. but i thought i would step back and give a little bit of my take on how the court has gotten t
floor like an extension of the obama campaign, treated the senate floor like an extension of the obama campaign for two years -- for two years. now they're holding the c.r. hostage for no other reason than to help one of their incumbents on the campaign trail. now we're ready to vote on three bills. we've got responsibilities to meet. let's meet them and leave the politics of the campaign trail where it belongs. mr. president, i yield the floor. the presiding officer: under the previous order, the leadership is reserved. under the previous order, the following hour will be equally divided and controlled between the two leaders or their designees with the majority controlling the first half. the senator from illinois. mr. durbin: mr. president, i listened to the statement made on the floor by the republican leader, and it was a statement similar to one that was made yesterday. i responded to it yesterday, and i would like to make a r re-- response today. i am disappointed that this session of congress has been so unproductive, but i know the reason why. it isn't for lack of effort. we h
to be pro-american. they have oil. all throughout the bombing when president obama was bombing libya, he kept saying, "oh it will all be free. they'll pay us for it later. it will be a free war." we've heard that one before. iraq was going to be a free war also that iraq oil was going to pay for it. never ends up happening. but that's what they told us about libya. with regard to pakistan, i have one additional requirement. they have to protect and prove to us they will protect our embassy and they have to release dr. afridi. and i think this is very little to ask. he's under death threats in prison. his family's under death threats in the countryside. they're living in hiding and living in fear because they helped us. the other reason why this administration should really take it personally is somebody leaked dr. afridi's name. his name should have never been known. i doubt it was someone with the c.i.a. but somebody who knew his name leaked this story. there were some stories about a month or two ago about how the president was doing a great job with terrorism. in those stories it talk
office for the first time, if your name is barack obama. >> broad is a trailblazer in hero of mine. >> the best way to say does the bible beating heart of the internet. >> more with us these reporter sunday night at 8:00 on c-span's q&a. >> senate judiciary chairman patrick leahy called the supreme court's decision supreme court's decision to citizens united campaign finance case corrosive to the political process. he spoke during a hearing the testimony from legal scholars and voting rights advocates. this is an hour and 20 minutes. >> i apologize to the witnesses and bmi. i was just talking to senator grassley about an hour and a half to go 11 miles. i know that this area -- band -- give a whole lot of money to out-of-state companies to have speed cameras so the out-of-state companies can become wealthy. unfortunately, they don't seem to have money to actually coordinate their stoplights or do anything that might help the taxpayers and the drivers in the area. but my stock in the out-of-state speed cameras seems to be the only thing that encourages them. before i give an opening,
nominated by president obama to be our ambassador to iraq. and i think all of us on the committee are pleased the president has nominated somebody of high caliber, great experience, who is our defense server vanessa the deputy chief of mission in baghdad for the year and previously served as ambassador to jordan and executive assistant to secretary of state, colin powell and condoleezza rice. while america's war has ended in iraq, the struggle for iraq's future obviously has not ended. the violence is down, but al qaeda and iraq remains a very deadly foe and iraq may not capture the jays today headlined. then no one should make the mistake to somehow come to a conclusion that iraq doesn't present extraordinary challenges. this administration has worked tirelessly to ensure that it doesn't become a forgotten front. we put in place a road mac on a browser to have issues. political, economic, educational, scientific and military. our bilateral partnership has potential to contribute, we believe to the stability in the middle east. but iraqi leaders have to decide for themselves what
officers. i join president obama in condemning these senseless acts of violence. my thoughts are with the families of those who were killed in this horrible attack it is too often forgotten that american diplomats risk their lives on a daily basis. madam president, when i have had the good fortune since my days in the foreign affairs committee in the house to travel the world, i always make sure wherever i go i visit with foreign service personnel. they're every place. there's no group of people, i tell them that every timist opportunity to visit with them, no one does our country more in a positive sense than these foreign service officers. they work so hard and duty stations most of the times are very, very difficult. take, for example, this good man, ambassador stevens, who was just confirmed a fuel months ago -- a few months ago, he was a peace corps volunteer, he taught english. he's fluent in arabic, french and english. he served in the foreign service in jerusalem, in cairo, saudi arabia and staff assistant to the bureau of middle eastern affairs. he had an education t
shouting to obama. and and that's what i have have. but nobody is calling for a day of rage or the victim being killed in this country. yesterday five yemenys were killed and people should asking who is morally responsible. the president said , i mean, i was appalled when i read the facebook of [inaudible] more than 24 hours after the storming of the american embassy in cairo. it's a short statement. it starts by denouncing the so called movie or video. and -- and it ends by saying i ask my embassy in washington to take legal action against the people who produced the movie. many the middle, i'm not exaggerating with, it's in english now. in passing he says as government we are responsible for the protection of public and private property. no mention of the american embassy storming. no expression of sorry or condemnation. it was not inseesive. it is appalling. this is a man who acts if it is still underground in the opposition and not the responsible leader of 75 million people dealing with the country like the united states which is crucial of the obama administration the way they suppo
that the obama administration should set clear red lines regarding the nuclear program, if so, what you think the red lines should be? [laughter] >> i would believe if you go back and look at the president's prenounsment on the issue, back even in 2009, you can see he was very clear in terms of the national purpose and the national goal. to my knowledge, that hasn't changed. but and i think our policy is informed by pretty good intelligence, and that it's quite possible that the sanctions -- first of all, i think the sanctions are in fact i think they cause the regime to come back to the iea, notice a country like turkey, for example, and originally in 2010 really was championing the right-hand side position is now seen little bit [inaudible] i think you have to be careful how you articulate where your red lines are. there's no question in my mind what our policy is. and there's no question in my mind that a nuclear weapons capable the iran is a clear danger to the neighbors they said so. it's a country that would probably trigger a nuclear arms race in the middle east. and that's a country t
in that liberty and nobody tells me how to live my life including barack obama. [cheering] connect to god be the glory. you see i was introduced something called unconditional love. in my world, we don't know what unconditional love is. everything is conditional. today you are my friends. i have the full right to kill you tomorrow. we could go to the battle to malveaux but if you cross to the other side i have the right to kill you. here it says if somebody hits you on one side go on the other. i'm not doing that. what's wrong with your people? it's called a fist it's the power of forgiveness. your relationship how you have a relationship with god we don't have a relationship. you're god speaks to you day and night and comes before you and makes every crooked way straight and he has a protection and around you and nothing shall harm you because all i am god almighty. [applause] one day they bought me a new car and said go home you're feeling better. i said can i stay a couple more months? i'm not feeling well. [laughter] face that you can go home. i became the baby sitter for them. yes. w
-u.s. protests erupting in afghanistan, so do you think it signals the kind of failure of barack obama's policies in the middle east? thank you so much. >> yeah. the protests -- >> let me get -- >> sorry. >> let me go behind, please. >> here? >> yep. and just wait for the microphone. >> thank you. mr. crocker, in your time in some of the very troubled zones, you mentioned at the top of your remarks how it's about a risking of lives, not about pushing cookies and pinstripes. do you think the situation in libya, in retrospect, should have had more of a crossover between the militaristic end? paul corson with cnn. thank you. >> bill goodfellow, center for international policy. what are we doing to promote a political settlement? as distasteful as it might seem, i think some sort of deal with the taliban has to be put in place or else the civil war's going to continue, and even the good enough, afghanistan good enough that you suggest, i just don't see it's possible. they're tenacious, they're not about to be defeated as long as they have pakistan's backing, and i just think that much more emphasis h
in tolerance, freedom of speech, and democracy. i'd like to commend president obama and secretary clinton for their immediate response to this situation. their words of encouragement and wish godspeed to the marine corps fleet antiterrorism security team now en route to libya. the diplomats who were killed in this tragic and brutal action embodied american values, and the highest traditions not only of the professionals among our career diplomats but all who serve and sacrifice for this country in uniform, in very similar situations of danger. the marines who guard our ambassadors as well as -- embassies, as well as the other marines and troops who are fighting on foreign soil to uphold our freedoms. those american values in some sense bring me also to the floor today to talk about the dream act. and the young generation of people in our communities in connecticut and across the country who would benefit from this important legislation. our immigration system right now is broken, and is in dire need of comprehensive reform. any comprehensive immigration reform legislation must include the
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12

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